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Posting to protect shorebird sites

Conservian Bahamas Expedition Reviews:


"If you want a conventional, culture free tropical vacation - go to Sandals.  If you want a true Bahamas experience, join the Conservian expedition team.  There is no better way to visit the islands nobody gets to visit and see the birds nobody gets to see.  It is a truly immersive research experience where you are an integral part of the team, collecting data that will ultimately protect these shorebirds and these delicate environments."

Alexandra Newton, St Simons Island, Georgia (2016 & 2018)


"Participating in the shorebird conservation research that Conservian/Coastal Bird Conservation has pioneered throughout the Bahamas was an exciting opportunity to assist with important conservation work while exploring the Bahamian culture and ecosystem."

Janet Vertin, West Virginia

Conservian Bahamas Expedition Reviews:


“I had the honor of accompanying Conservian on its maiden voyage to protect Piping Plovers and shorebirds in the Bahamas in 2016 and 2018. It was an amazing trip, and truly life-changing. Being on the front lines of conservation and playing an active role in documenting beach-nesting bird species was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.


A side bonus of this trip was the great camaraderie I experienced with Margo and the rest of the team (who are now friends!), as well as the breath-taking turquoise waters and delightful sun and sand during the crew’s off-hours. I’ve never experienced wild and scenic tropical waters, far away from overcrowded resorts, before. Having nature surrounding me and being lulled to sleep with the light slap of waves against the ship and seeing the stars in their night-time beauty were the icing on the cake.


I heartily recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see and experience something different, and get a taste of the wild Caribbean while making a difference in bird conservation.”

Dawn Rassmussen, Portland, Oregon (2016 & 2018)

Posting to protect seabird nesting sites

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